Here’s mi

My name is Jo Gilbert and I’m a spoken word artist & writer from Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Aberdeen , Scotland, Saturday, 9 March 2019 National Theatre of Scotland, Just Start Here at Anatomy Rooms, Aberdeen Picture by Abermedia / Michal Wachucik


I started Tales fae the Doric Side to allow me to share some of my work.  How can a writer hope to become a writer if her work never sees the light of day?  After a few meanderings off the writer’s path, I’ve come full circle.  I completed an MLitt in Writing, Practice and Study at The University of Dundee in 2017 – receiving a distinction and that kickstarted my professional writing journey.

What a trip I’ve been on since then! I’ve been published in Northwords Now, in online magazines, anthologies and had work commissioned for art installations, festivals and film. Check oot ma gigs and stuff page for deets. Ye kin find contact details and ma socials there ana. I’m open to blethers and crazy ideas.

I’ve performed all over Scotland, won poetry slams and I’m still being inspired to write. I’ve had plenty knock-backs too, but that’s to be expected. Being a writer is meant to be 9 tenths rejection and I’ve certainly fulfilled that, but I’ve had lots of amazing experiences too. Aa love screivin an I’ll continue tae pit wirds ontae ma page as lang as they keep pourin oot o ma. Except ma blog – generally cos ahm too busy dein ither hings. Ma debut poetry collection ‘WTF is normal anyway?’ was published in August 2022 by Seahorse Publications. Ye kin buy it here

I’ll also be punting ma ain copies at every gig I’m at was a daft grin on ma coupon. It’s ma first een – am allowed!

Here’s ma current bio:

Jo Gilbert is a spoken word artist and writer based in Aberdeen, who writes in Doric and English. Jo has won multiple slams, performed all over Scotland and has been widely published in magazines and anthologies – Northwords Now, Causeway Magazine, Dreich and Beyond the Swelkie.

Jo’s work has featured on BBC Radio 4 show Tongue and Talk, Edinburgh International Book Festival 2022, and in several art exhibitions and short films. Past commissions and projects include Look Again Festival, StAnza Poetry Festival, Loud Poets, Ten Feet Tall Theatre Company, (un)mother project, Aberdeen Performing Arts and The National Theatre of Scotland.

Jo’s debut poetry collection WTF is normal anyway? was published in August 2022 with Seahorse Publications.


“Face the fear and do it anyway”

Welcome, to my platform of random thoughts, rants and assorted delights.

Comments and feedback welcome, unless it is spam, of course. Spam is for eating, not for reading.

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  1. Wish I could figure out how to follow your blog. It’s wonderful! Am I missing a “Follow” button somewhere?

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