Fa is Batman?

lightbulb moment

I’ve been inspired by others today to fling off the shroud of fear and SHOW people my work, so I have started a blog.  I really want to write about EVERYTHING, whatever inspires me, things that make me laugh and people who I have had the pleasure of connecting with in some way.  I’m a people watcher, and interested in humans, how we interact, react, behave, hate, love and live together.  I’m also interested in stories of varying genres.  I hope to become a writer one day, so actually writing  would be a good place to start, wouldn’t you agree?

I am extremely grateful that the consumer driven insanity of Christmas has passed, and I am fortunate enough to have a few days to ‘get my shit together’ before I return to work next week.  This means precious writing time for me, opportunities for lazing around (one of my favourite pastimes), and a chance to catch up with friends.  Slowing down does not feature in my default settings but it can be very enjoyable when I manage to do so.

I was going to watch ‘The Dark Knight’ with my Mum yesterday evening.  I’ve seen it a few times, but it is a great movie – and Christian Bale is in it.  Enough said.  I began working on my book and the keyboard demon possessed me and kept me up until after 3am, tippy-tapping away, so I didn’t get to watch the film.  Time seems to blur and disappear when I am writing, like I am hijacked by the words and teleported to another plane of existence for a while and then suddenly it is 3am and I am aware of my surroundings.  Does anyone else get that or is it just me?

After an extended long lie (10.45am to be precise) this morning, due to the late night writer’s abduction, I awoke and made one of my most favourite and entirely unhealthy breakfasts – a square sausage and tattie scone piece, with salad cream.  Yes, yes, I can hear you all shouting ‘gads’ at me, but it truly is my favourite breakfast.


I have always eaten sausage baps with salad cream (if you haven’t had one from The Horn, I suggest you go and get one at the earliest opportunity) but my love of the SQUARE sausage arose from my temporary defection to Glasgow, whilst I was getting my degree (see efestivals for amusing threads on the ongoing square/lorne sausage debate).

The square sausage is a staple item in any self respecting Glaswegian diet, so I adopted their love of the square sausage and getting a ‘doubler’ for breakfast (translation: any two breakfast items within the bounds of a roll – we would call it a bap or softie up here, depending on how teuchter you are).

square sausage pieces

I’d like to state that the above picture in no way does the square sausage piece any justice, but since I am no professional photographer, I hope you will forgive me.  I just wanted to freak the tomato sauce heads out a little more with some delicious salad cream.  Mmmmmmm! *evil grin*

So, breakfast aside, I had decided to indulge in a day of writing in my jammies, chilling out and general laziness.  I am on holiday after all.  After doing the rounds of social media, I had received a few requests for a link to my anonymous blog, which I posted in once, got terrified and didn’t write anything in it again for almost a whole year.  I have been posting more regularly of late, but never showing  my work to anyone.  The nature of it is a little too personal to put my name to, so although I find that a great emotional outlet, I am keeping that one anonymous.  However, I was so inspired by a three way PM consisting of fellow artists and their wonderful comments about my writing, I decided to get over my fears and set up ‘Tales fae the Doric side’.  I’ve had the title in my head (and one of my many scribble books) for ages, but never did anything with it.  It was meant to be a title for a collection of short stories written in Doric, but now I’ve used it as the headline for this blog…..and I’m not sure what it is yet.  I’m quite willing to take a leap of faith and let it become whatever it is meant to be.  The important part is the doingBelow is a picture of my actual face after I hit ‘publish’.

face the fear and do it anyway

Apologies, I digress.  Back to Batman and the other event that gave me creative fuel  to write today.  After enjoying my tasty yet heart-attack inducing breakfast, and being inspired by fellow artists, I went ‘bane’ the hoose (God, I love a pun) to see if my Mum had enjoyed the film.  This is the response I got.

The Dark Knecht – A review by an Aiberdonian Mither

Me: So fit did you think of the film last night Mam? Wis it any good?

Mam: Well, ah didna watch it ah.

Me: How ney?

Mam: Well, it wis affa dark for a start, ah couldna really see fit wis gan on.

Me: Oh aye?

Mam: And ah didna ken fit een wiz Batman fan he wisna wearin’ the mask.

Believe it or not, I kept an absolute straight face, said nothing and let her continue…..

Mam: Ah didna really ken fit was gan on.  Maybe am jist getting stupider as I get older.  If ye dinna really understand fits gan on, ye canna really enjoy a film so ah stopped watching it halfwy through.

who is batman

Please bear in mind that my Mum has just turned 60, isna really a film buff, and in 2011, hadn’t been to the pictures to see a film since ‘Look Who’s Talking Too’ (1990).  My brother and I took her a few years back to see ‘Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows’ when we were on holiday and we almost had her convinced before we went that hover-boards brought you your drinks.  I said almost, but we made her question it for more than a second.

I have no idea how I managed to keep a straight face whilst she was delivering her review.  It was one of those lovely, rare moments where I felt real love for my mammy and all of her little idiosyncrasies, you know the ones, where you can see past everything, feeling great affection for them and thinking ‘You are crazy, but I do love you!’

An ordinary morning and the effort to go and communicate produced all of this.  I love noticing these connections and documenting them through words, so now it is time to share.  Face the fear and do it anyway.  Have faith.  Click publish and remember to breathe.

lets see what happens

Let’s see what happens.  Fa is Batman?  We are all Batman.  If we CHOOSE to be.  Let’s do it.

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2 Responses to Fa is Batman?

  1. Hayho68 says:

    ‘Mither’ should start reviewing ALL films! 😉


  2. Paul taylor says:

    I is the batamen tei, ha only joking Jo, loving your blog. keep it coming


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