Far does the time go?

Far does the time go?  Behind us, or in front – depending on fit wye yer lookin. Ah’m nae aywis sure that time is a linear thing. Blink an ye’ll miss nearly five months o yer life.  That’s jist fit happened ti me jist noo. I’m on ma events page updatin it an looked at ma last blog. May.

May 2018 but still awa back yonder. Time is fleein by ma. I’ll come oot the Doric noo, cos spellcheck disna like it….

time fleein

It got me thinking and feeling quite reflective.  There was me banging on about not getting published and now I have a short story published in Northwords Now and a short story and two poems coming out in the FWS New Voices Anthology.

I was awarded Creative Funding to host poetry workshops and a Doric Poetry Slam.  I’ve been commissioned to write spoken word for two short films.  I got a small part in a short film. People keep asking me to do things and long may it continue.  So much has happened in the past few months, I’m living in a creative maelstrom.  It feels fantastic.

I went to Moniack Mhor on a tutored poetry retreat with Jen Hadfield and Billy Letford with the intention of writing some new poems to put towards a first collection.  What a valuable investment that was. I’d forgotten how much I need feedback and in depth discussion of my work. I’ve really missed that since uni. It makes me want to start up a writing collective (SPEAK TO ME if you are interested).

If you ever get the chance, GO. It was an amazing experience.

I came away from that week with some lovely new friends, six new poems and an idea for my second collection.


Yes I know, I’ve not finished the first one yet.  There are drafts of a few more for the second collection already and lots of titles.  I’ve no control over what comes out of my head, it demands to be unleashed whenever it feels like it.

Part of my creative funding is for a retreat to finish a manuscript to send off to publishers.  I’ll be up to my eyes in stacks of paper at a secret location in early November, deciding what goes where or if it makes the cut. I’ll also be asking for advice, so poetry people beware! I’m hoping I’ll have it more or less ready to go out in January.

Exciting times!



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